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Greennebula was created to assist companies that need to dispose of their waste to manage and control various environmental permits. Atlantide allows users to invite suppliers to upload environmental data and permits to the system, thereby eliominating the need to dedicate internal resources to this task.

Greennebula collects all this information and stores it on the network, like a cloud system, so that it may be accessed at any time by users who subscribe to the service. This proprietary software for environmental permit management integrates with the Atlantide DS.8 waste management software to save time and resources.

The Arkottica suite is a flexible and modular system that companies can install to improve their internal organization, control workflows, manage documents and assist with business activities.

The software can be used to match the specific needs of a company, and is truly a suite configured according to the client’s business type and real needs. Arkottica can be installed as a full version, with all of its features, or by activating any one of the individual modules.

Extra is a company founded in 2006 that operates as a system integrator to offer design and management system implementation services, complete solutions for IT enterprise outsourcing or, additionally, application development of infrastructure or systemic services, up to and including IT process and project management consulting.

The solutions offered by Extra are designed to streamline the transfer of information relating to various business processes between the various nodes of the organization. All are completely integrated with each other and combine ease of installation, configuration and operation with quick customization and great features to achieve a high degree of efficiency at low costs.

Evoluzione Ambiente is a consulting company operating in the Environment and Quality field that was established in 2006 but has built upon specific experience gained since 2001. Today the Company employs many qualified professionals with multidisciplinary skills and collaborates with well-known professionals in the environmental sector and universities.

Its services range from legal and environmental consulting, to consulting for the transport of dangerous goods, the provision of environmental impact assessments, and the organization and training of management and concerned parties with industry regulations. The company’s clients include both private and public agencies.

Hyper is a publishing house founded in 1997 dedicated to the publication of legal works devoted, in this case, to issues such as the environment and health, with the aim of contributing to information by means of clear and fair disclosure. Over the years Hyper has become a reference point for organizations and associations who have found this publishing company a perfect partner with which to undertake profitable ventures. Hyper is especially involved in the environmental legal publishing field and over time has published regulatory codes, manuals and interpretative guides, handbooks and informative and educational texts.

Hyper now also boasts a large catalogue including paper books, e-Books and digital publications.