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Innovative technology, environmental and waste management services for more than 25 years

We like to say that Euroinformatica as a company that creates simple answers to complex questions. It has been that way since 1989, when we were founded to provide support to those businesses that were just beginning to deal with waste management, in a world characterized by stringent environmental standards and strict procedures. The evolution of environmental legislation, as well as the growing importance of ethics and sustainability concepts, have forced companies that produce waste (or are involved with disposal) to adjust their standards to increase the level of control and safety. All of this takes place in an increasingly competitive business environment that requires careful management of resources and performance times.

Our goal is to create software that can provide answers to this dual need: the importance of regulatory compliance on the one hand and, the needs of businesses on the other. We have achieved this goal by focusing on advanced products and our ability to provide training and support services, employing an approach that combines IT expertise with in-depth knowledge of the environmental industry gained over 25 years.

Our approach to technology has been decisive along the way, utilizing it as a tool to fit each specific case and adapting it to the needs of those who have to use it every day. That is why each system, particularly our waste management software system – Atlantide, is the most flexible one imaginable, because we believe that technology should adapt to business, not vice-versa.



Development, sustainability and attention to people

We view environment and future as two related terms. The relationship between man and the environment is the basis for the future of the planet and will increasingly be one of the drivers of the economy, as well as impose the need for ethical, conscious and sustainable behaviour. In this scenario, our mission is to facilitate the processes and compliance with regulations through the strategic use of technology, in order to ensure safe and efficient waste management.

This must be achieved without losing sight of Euroinformatica’s historical values. First among these is sustainability, which offers the ability to improve the impact that every human activity has on the environment as well as economic sustainability, meaning the ability to support companies, while minimizing environmental management time and offering the utmost guarantees of effective control.

In addition to sustainability, another fundamental value at Euroinformatica is people. We firmly believe that each individual best expresses his/her potential in a dynamic environment that encourages commitment, application and creativity. This is why our internal organization does not focus on rigid hierarchies and offers continuous opportunities for discussion and professional development in a friendly environment that is better able to bring out the skills of each person and promote growth.