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The evolution of Atlantide.

Your waste management software is completely new but employs the same philosophy and forward-thinking focus. It has a new look, but offers the same reliability and many new opportunities.

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One system allows you to control all phases of the environmental process and to ensure compliance with regulation requirements (Environmental Declaration Form – Modello Unico di Dichiarazione Ambientale (MUD), uploading/downloading of logs, permits, forms and transport documents, test certificates, SISTRI).


You have a single platform: Atlantide is the environmental management system that guarantees you total control, even in real-time, from any location, of global services, multi-location manufacturers, hospital centres, waste transport, and a wide range of facilities involved in recycling, storage, treatment, incineration, as well as landfills, intermediaries, environmental consultants, utility and urban sanitation companies, vacuum trucks and car demolition sites.


Atlantide is designed to allow you to track waste throughout the entire disposal process. Using information gained through customer experience, Atlantide provides you with advice on the best operational methods.


An even more powerful and flexible cloud system

Maximum performance even with multiple operators and procedures; features have been designed to facilitate faster navigation and a new, flexible graphic layout allows you to personalize your homepage.

Apps and Mobile Messaging.

It is possible to access the system from smartphones and tablets, and even communicate with technical personnel.

Physical location no longer presents any limitations. You can check your business operation performance at any time from any device. Our support team is at your service.

software per la gestione dei rifiuti

The New World.

All the reliability of Atlantide in an even more advanced version.

Scroll down and discover all the features of Atlantide DS.8.

Here is a point by point description of all the features offered by the most advanced waste management software available.

All the features of the Atlantide DS.8 system


Complete and integrated management of receivables and payables


Ensure timely compliance with environmental regulatory requirements

Warehouse and orders.

Safe and efficient management

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  • Automatic or semi-automatic billing in sync with movements and the supply of service;
  • Periodic billing (for example you can set prices according to the quantities handled during the month);
  • Billing estimates (provides estimates before invoice processing);
  • Automatic billing of fees, rentals, etc.
  • Manual entry (for special cases, credit/debit notes);
  • Agent/commission management;
  • E-mail invoices (individual and/or mass e-mail sending and tracking of all invoices);
  • Electronic billing.
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  • Environmental Declaration Form (MUD): preparation and submission, also for third parties;
  • uploading/downloading of logs: any amount, also for third parties;
  • Permits (with complete management of categories and any restrictions);
  • Formulari/DDT;
  • Forms/Transport documents;
  • Declaration of conformity and radiation check (European Regulation 333/2011).
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  • Of products with specific characteristics;
  • Of customer and supplier orders;
  • Of manual or automated order processing (also starting from waste/mps);
  • Of warehouse movement (also starting from waste/mps).


Efficient client and prospective customer management


Control of all the company’s daily activities

Field systems.

Complete and immediate connectivity

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  • Proposals;
  • Contracts;
  • Sales terms;
  • Automatically switching from proposals to contracts (with tracking);
  • Printing of different proposal and contract forms.
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  • Organization of internal and external services;
  • Organization of proprietary and third party services;
  • Resources: personnel, vehicles, equipment;
  • Service documents: transport documents, forms, logbooks, etc.
  • Variation notices.

Furthermore, users can update all the uploading/downloading of logs and all receivable/payable invoicing for each operator with extreme ease.

Discover the benefits

  • Scales
  • GIS;
  • Satellite;

Data control and analysis.

Just-in-time and Internet information retrieval

Finance and audits.

Keep up with the company’s status and its short, medium and long-term outlook


Monitor and keep costs under control

Discover the benefits

  • Environmental;
  • Sales;
  • Financial;
  • Services;
  • Management control;
  • Management of programmed activities and scheduling for checks and inspections, with notification via e-mail and/or on the user’s desktop;
  • Export of lists and reports to Excel;
  • Ability to interface with document software and/or the internal document management system (ability to attach various documents to system objects);
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  • Legal obligations;
  • Batch management;
  • Depreciable assets;
  • VAT for imports and exports;
  • Withholding tax;
  • Accruals and deferrals;
  • Receivable and payable maturities;
  • Separate e-wallets;
  • Outstanding accounts;
  • Reminders;
  • Treasury;
Discover the benefits

  • Financial resources (ability to manage various deadlines: insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc.);
  • Equipment (ability to manage positioning with clients).

Storage management.

Waste and other secondary raw materials (mps)

Processing, sorting and mixing.

Automatic and/or manual processing, sorting, and mixing of waste

Special forms.

Even more advanced and detailed management

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  • Batch management, with complete tracking of operations;
  • Management of storage areas/storage configurations;
  • Maximum storage controls and alerts (with proximity threshold), maximum handling capacity, maximum daily capacity, etc.
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  • Automation of internal production movements;
  • Automatic treatment creation (also by yield percentage);
  • Waste analyses/information charts with automatic expiration alerts;
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  • External user movement consultation;
  • “One on one” WEEE management;
  • Complete management of the scrapping of vehicles in compliance with regulatory requirements (including data export to UNRAE);
  • COOU and COBAT management with data export;
  • O.R.S.O. management;
  • Interfacing with INCSS Corepla;
  • Environmental aspects management;
  • ADR management;
  • Radioactive management;

Online registries.

Keep track of all your activities for service companies and trade associations.

Electronic billing.

An indispensable feature when working with the Public Administration.

Easy graphic interface.

You can customize your layout and find everything you need with just a few clicks.

Discover the benefits

  • Web-based access to the service provider’s database;
  • Monitoring and management of connected users;
  • Basic configurations customizable per user (visibility of data, data customization);
  • “Assisted” movement reports;
  • Parameter definition of user uploading and downloading;
  • Mass generation of uploads and downloads;
  • Printing of statistics;
  • Real time access and activity control;
  • Individual movement entry;
  • Simplified data entry;
  • Real-time time and quantity limit checks;
  • Waste management characterization;
  • Multiple certificate SISTRI management interoperability;
  • Automatic alert management;
  • User chat;
  • Environmental Declaration Form (MUD) processing and regulatory communications;
Discover the benefits

  • In 48 hours you can generate and send digital invoices;
  • It adapts to your specific business activity;
  • You can choose the fee plan best suited to your workflow;
  • You can store all documents produced in XML format;
Discover the benefits

  • Customizable homepage, with real-time analysis;
  • TAB button makes for easy navigation between sections;
  • Drag and drop feature for customizing various lists;